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Ministry of External Affairs Kailash Mansarovar Yatra

Q) Who can apply for this Kailash Mansarovar yatra?
A) Any Indian national of 18 years of age and above who has an Indian passport with certain time validity can apply, unfortunately the NRIs cannot apply. they can go for yatra from the Nepal route.
Q) Is there a temple?
A) No there is no temple there, only Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar
Q) Which route is better Indian route or the Nepal route?
A) We have been through both the routes, we would recommend the govt route, though strenous, has had more positive feedback compared to the Nepal route.
Here is a brief comparison below. The choice is yours 
 Organized by Government of India
(India route)
 Organized by Private Tour Operators
(Nepal route)
The yatra is conducted under excellent hospitality and guidance / security of army – ITBP (Indo-Tibetan Border Police) and KMVN. ITBP personnel help you along each step of the yatra on the Indian side. It is done by private tour operators who have tie up with Nepal tour operators
Involves trekking through beautiful green mountains on India side (ponies and porters available) and trekking in Tibet (Porters and yaks available) Jeep / Land cruiser rides of 3 days directly from Nepal  and trekking in Tibet (Porters and yaks available) or Helicopter
Chhialekh,  a valley of flowers, a profusion of rare mountain flowers (like cobra flowers, irises, May Apple flower,Kasturi Kamal etc.) and the glacier Missing on this route
The route has a mountain which has Sage ‘Vyasa’s cave’. According to Hindu legend, this is the cave where Sage Vyasa performed penance for years. Pandavas and many  saints as well rishis have travelled on through this route. This route has no such great history associated with it.
Medical test results approved by ITBP so that you are aware of your health / fitness, ITBP doctor comes along after a certain height till Indian border. Second Health Check-up at Gunji @ 10000 ft. altitude NO medical tests done
Gradual climb of certain height per day so as to make your body acclimatize to high altitude (Ponies and porters available) Directly by  Jeep / Land cruiser , but your body may not be able to acclimatize to high altitude
In mountains and at high altitudes headaches, nausea, etc are common, but due to gradual climb, very few yatris experience discomfort. Yatries experiencing health issues are higher on this route.
Success of completing Kailash parikrama is very high, almost all of them complete, that includes high number of aged yatries as well. Since the body is not acclimatize to high altitude, it is heard from yatries themselves that success of completing Kailash parikrama done is average.
Govt. appointment liaison officer all along the yatra as official govt. representative to take decision / action in case of difficult situation in India and Tibet NO official representative
Cost approx. Rs. 1lac Cost approx. Rs. 65,000 to 1.25 lacs
Subsidy available from certain States in India Subsidy not available
Need to apply when the government advertises in the newspaper in January. If your name appears in random draw, you can start your preparations. Can apply just before you decide to go
Om parvat darshan Not possible in this route
No. of days – 24, Delhi to Delhi No. of days – 15
Logistics and food by army –  ITBP on Indian side of trek Hotel food / sherpa cooked at most places
Excellent opportunity for self-realization due to over 200 km padyatra among sacred mountains as done by rishis and saints. With modern times and amenities a faster route for yatra.
Q) I am very keen to go for yatra, should I hide my existing or previous illness / medical problems.
A) A big NO, you will be cheating your self and your family. 
Q) Is the yatra very difficult?
A) Yes the yatra is indeed strenous and will test your endurance and patience. At one point during the yatra you reach at height of 19,500 feet at Dolma pass. This yatra is more arduous than a Amarnath or Vaishnodevi or Char dham yatras.
Q) I am young, so I can easily finish the yatra
A) There are no certianities at these high altitutes, whether young or old, you need to respect the law of mountains and follow the instructions given by the ITBP very seriously.
Q) I am old, can I do the yatra?
A) If you are reasonably fit with strong devotion, and with God’s blessings you will certainly do the yatra. If you browse through the list of past yatris, you will come across a lot of old yatris, who have successfuly done it. But then there is not gurantee for anything in life.
Q) How about the facilities?
A) At such high altitudes and in such difficult terrain, ITBP has done more than excellent job of providing good insulated tents, food, sanitation facilities.
Q) What if mid-way I cannot continue the yatra?
A) On the Indian side, the ITBP and KMVN will try their best to ensure your safe return to Delhi. On the Tibet side, things can get complicated, but best possible care is taken to ensure your safety.
Q) What about medical facilities in case of emergencies?
A) The batch is provided medical kit, and also a doctor from ITBP travels from Gunji to Lipuleh pass (till the Tibet border). At such hieghts, whatever best possible arrangements feasible are provided.
Q) Do we get any training for trekking?
A) No, there is only briefing by ITBP about the do’s and the dont’s while trekking in the mountains.
Kindly Note: These FAQs are based on our experiences, and is for informational purpose only. Kindly follow the government booklet and you may clarify doubts with their representatives. We can only share our experiences with you