Ruby Year 2009 Batch 11



For those who had been selected for Kailash Pilgrimage this year and because of cancellation of Batches are disappointed and not able to go.

Why not to do Giri Praddakshina of Arunachala Hill in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil

Bhagawan Ramana has spoken highly on Arunachala Hill.


Bhagawan was put questions by Devotees -

Q Mr. Paul Brunton asked Sri Bhagawan if the Hill here is Hollow?

Bhagawan: The puranas say so. When it is said that the Heart is a cavity, penetration into it proves to be an expanse of light. Similarly the Hill is one of light. The caves etc. are covered up by the Light.

Devotee: Are there caves inside?

Bhagawan: In visions I have seen caves, cities with streets etc and a whole world in it.

Devotee: Are there Siddhas too in it?

Bhagawan: All the Siddhas are reputed to be there.

Devotee: Siddhas are said to be on Himalayas.

Bhagawan: Kailas is on the Himalayas: it is the abode of Siva. Whereas this Hill is Siva Himself. All the paraphernalia of his abode must also be where He Himself is.

(EXCERPTS from Talks with Sri Ramana Maharishi)

The Holy Hill of Arunachala has a special significance during Full moon and the benefits of doing pradakshina are immense. During the full moon period ; just as all the forces of nature are at their peak
so are the alpha rays emitted by the Hill. So when u go around the Hill you will become very calm as you absorb these beneficial rays. Spiritually also the bad karma that is the uppermost part of the soul will get silently destroyed as you go around the Hill in Worship. Fortunate are those who get attracted to this hill, for it is famed as the destroyer of the ego, which is the greatest impediment to spiritual progress.


1. Bhagawan said that there are many siddhas living on the hill, and they too do giri pradakshina alongwith the rest. He has suggested us to walk on the left side of the Hill and leaving the right side for Siddhas, whereby we would be going around the siddhas this would fetch us their blessings too.

2. Giri Pradakshina is to be done Barefoot.

3. To derive full benefit Bhagawan said we should go slowly around the Hill as slow as a Royal Princess in the ninth month of Pregnancy.

4. We should go around the Hill in Silence or in Japa or Singing Bhajans or in the remembrance(company) of our Guru.

Bhagawan himself set an example during his lifetime by going around the Hill countless times. He said it is the best Sadhana one can do.

According to Puranas Parvati was able to unite with the Lord only after doing Giri Pradikshina here.

Bhagawan when he left his body on April 14th, 1950 for He was seen as a big Jyothi (light) merging with the Hill. BHAGAWANS MAHANIRVANA.

(EXCERPTS FROM Mountain Path: Article (The Significance of Guru Poornima at Arunachala

While i have been writing you about Arunachala Hill the inspiration has come from Bhagawan himself.

As we celebrate Vyas Purnima today let us on this Guru Purnima make a commitment to eradicate ignorance and to illuminate our lives with Knowledge .