Subhash K Mehta Year 2009 Batch 11

My experience of the Yatra was nothing less than phenomenal. All my life, since over 25 years, I heard my Guru, Swami Tadrupanand, tell me that life can only be lived in the present – not in the past, not in the future. But I never understood the REAL meaning of this. In the Yatra, on the first & second day of trekking, I, just like most of my batch mates had excruciating pain in my legs. I felt that I will not be able to go any further, since the mountains looked so tall and never ending. At one point, I completely failed – and collapsed in surrender. Then, I looked up and asked HIM – why did YOU bring me here all the way from Mumbai if you didn’t want me to complete your Yatra? I asked him this question repeatedly – again and again.
And I got HIS answer (like I always get). HE said, my child, are you capable of taking just ONE step from here forward? Without argument, I thought honestly for a while and answered – YES I can. “THEN TAKE ONE STEP” HE said. After I took one step, I looked up again. Once again HE asked me the same question. I took one step more, and one more, and one more!!!!
My pain was there, but it was bearable. Soon I learnt the art of walking in the mountains by tilting my body on one side and taking support of my stick. Soon I felt that I was not in pain at all any more – and I continued to walk endlessly like that.
This is what is meant by “Life can be lived only in the present moment” – since the past does not exist anymore and about the future, we know nothing. 
Since then, till today I have experienced GOD’s hand helping me every moment in my life – from moment to moment. Even GOD can act only in the present moment!
Every Kailashi should know one more fact of life, like the one I described above. That is, that the purpose of this Life is to offer “Nishkam Seva” to every other Soul on this planet. We all did that during the Yatra. Then why are we not doing it every day, every moment in our life? Life too is a Yatra! 
What goes around comes around. Therefore, the more we give the more we WILL get. This is Guaranteed 100 %. My dear Kailashis, Keep Giving all the time – by TAN, MAN and DHAN. 
Your Life will be enriched more and more with every act of GIVING!
K. M. Yatra: Batch No.11, Year: 2009